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Call For Submissions – Tell your story about our area!

Deadlines for submissions are as follows:
Issue Deadline
March February 15
May April 15
July June 15
October September 15
December November 15


The Rural Observer is interested in well-written articles on all subjects and issues relating to a rural community lifestyle. Articles need to be well organized and clearly expressed so that readers do not have to struggle to understand the message.

Writers may submit articles by mail or e-mail. All submissions must include number of words, your name, mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address on your document if sent by email, or on every page if paper copy is submitted.

All articles sent by mail must be typed, double spaced; please put one extra space between paragraphs. Articles sent by e-mail can be sent as an attachment in text, Word, or PDF format or included in the body of the email. They should be single spaced, and extra space between paragraphs, left justified and with no additional formatting.

All articles printed in the Rural Observer are copyrighted by the magazine. Permission to reprint elsewhere is readily available upon request to the author.

Photographs or illustrations for our new digital format:

Send in RGB colour format at a minimum of 72 pixels per inch for screen resolution output as a JPEG, PDF or PNG format.

Email your submissions

Postal Address:

2617 Seaside Drive, Shirley, BC  V9Z 1G7

Write to us!

We value your feedback!