The Juan de Fuca Rural Publication Society Mission Statement

A group of Juan de Fuca residents has formed a non-profit society to launch a news and advertising publication for the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area. We will provide a forum for our rural communities to share news, exchange ideas and develop a sense of community. At the same time the publication will give businesses within and outside the electoral area an opportunity to promote their products and services and reach potential customers. We also hope to make current information about the region and its services available to the many tourists who visit the area each year. Our goal is to protect, preserve and enhance rural life. The publication will rely on community members to share their interests and points of view through articles, correspondence and photographs. We welcome articles and letters reflecting the very diverse interests of our member communities and expressing all points of view. The editorial committee reserves the right to edit for brevity, accuracy, clarity and taste. Though every reasonable precaution will be made to verify the accuracy of material submitted, the editorial committee assumes no responsibility for the content of published articles. The responsibility is that of the writers. References and descriptions of products or services are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. Submit your articles, pictures or comments to the Rural Observer.

Please support this important project. We invite you to volunteer and/or become a member of the society, which is open to all residents of the Juan de Fuca Electoral Area interested in an effective publication to serve our area. Send your name and contact information, along with with $20 per person per year, to: 2617 Seaside Drive, Shirley, BC  V9Z 1G7.